Trust, Estate and Fiduciary Litigation

Greenfield Stein & Senior, LLP, is one of the preeminent New York firms in litigation concerning wills, trusts, and estates. Our team of attorneys specializes in Surrogate’s Court litigation in the New York City area, and we are recognized as leaders in the field. We have handled some of the most complex New York estates, including the estates of Brooke Astor, Allan Stone, Huguette Clark, William Carey, Cy Twombley, Tran Dinh Truong, and Sylvan Lawrence. We represent fiduciaries, beneficiaries, and other people who are interested in estates or trusts.

We have extensive experience in:

  • Will and trust contests: Litigation to challenge or defend the validity of a will or trust.
  • Will and trust construction proceedings: Litigation to challenge or defend the construction or interpretation of a will or trust.
  • Contested accounting proceedings: Litigation concerning a fiduciary’s actions as executor, administrator or trustee, such as managing a trust or estate’s assets.
  • Fiduciary removal proceedings: Litigation to remove a fiduciary, including a trustee, executor, administrator, or guardian.
  • Turnover proceedings: Litigation to retrieve estate or trust assets that are in the possession of another.
  • Kinship proceedings: Litigation to establish or question the inheritance rights of a decedent’s relatives.
  • Spousal rights proceedings: Litigation to establish or challenge a spouse’s right to inherit, and the validity of prenuptial agreements.