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New York City Intellectual Property Lawyers

Drafting Software License Agreements that Protect Your Intellectual Property and Financial Interests

Once the software concept has been developed into a marketable product, the most important business decisions a developer will make are the terms and conditions under which the software will be licensed to the ultimate user.

New York City intellectual property attorney Alan E. Katz protects the interests of parties entering into software license agreements (also called EULAs, or end user license agreements), whether as licensor or licensee. He represents major software development companies in software licensing, consulting, implementation, hosting and maintenance agreements. He represents software developers in licensing transactions with international banks, investment banking firms, pension funds, and city, country and state retirement systems.  In addition, Mr. Katz represents software licensees, including insurance companies and not-for-profit organizations.

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Legal Aspects of Software Licensing

A software license agreement defines the bundle of rights being granted to the licensee, as well as the responsibilities of the licensor.  A software license generally specifies:

  • Scope of the rights being granted
  • License, implementation and maintenance fees to be paid
  • Time frame of use
  • Confidentiality and protection of proprietary information and trade secrets
  • Sublicensing rights
  • Scope of warranties and indemnifications
  • Limitations on liability
  • Acceptance testing
  • Source Code escrow agreements
  • Dispute resolution mechanisms

Software Implementation Agreement

A software implementation agreement can either be a stand alone agreement or rolled into a software license agreement for the development of a configurator software product. It will define the scope of the implementation, how the specifications will be developed with the licensee and specify milestones for delivery and acceptance testing schedules and procedures.

Source Code Escrow Agreements

Another element found in many software license agreements is a provision that specifies that the developer will place the source code in escrow with a third party. Should the developer fail to complete the implementation or provide maintenance of the software or go out of business, then, among its other remedies, the licensee will be able to access the source code and retain another developer to complete the implementation or provide the maintenance to protect its vital business software.

Art and Entertainment Law

Artists, Writers and Musicians - Legal Counseling and Business Experience

New York City intellectual property attorney Alan E. Katz represents artists, writers, musicians and gallery owners in a broad spectrum of legal matters. In addition to the firm providing traditional copyright and trademark counseling, Mr. Katz draws upon his broad background in both business and legal affairs to represent artists, writers and musicians in identifying the most appropriate legal entity under which they pursue their business endeavors, and in negotiating and drafting agency agreements, artistic services agreements, consignment agreements, publishing agreements, and licensing agreements with a unique understanding of the needs of his creative clients.

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