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It is often very difficult to adequately capture the specifics of end-user expectations. Disputes often arise as an inevitable consequence of not initially crystallizing the terms of the custom software licensing contract. At GREENFIELD STEIN & SENIOR, LLP, our attorneys help developers deal with differences between software licensors' promises and licensees' expectations.

Our firm represents custom software engineers and developers in New York, as well as national and international software development licensors. Our clients work with a variety of licensees, including national and international banks, medical benefit providers, investment banking firms, and retirement and pension fund systems.

For skilled representation in custom software licensing and maintenance disputes, contact a software licensing lawyer at GREENFIELD STEIN & SENIOR, LLP.

Software Licensing Disputes

A company, government agency, or other end-user requesting custom software must take enough time to determine what is actually needed, such as specifying that the software must work on a certain type of screen or be Java based, for example. If the company or agency did not communicate fully its needs, we can help protect your business interests.

Investing in custom software that costs millions of dollars and drafting software licensing contracts should be taken as seriously as transactions involving other million-dollar investments. Your investment in software development must be protected through careful contract drafting, effective communication with licensees, and thorough understanding of your own needs.

Our software disputes attorneys have significant experience in both drafting contracts and litigating disputes involving software licensing. We can help our clients understand the importance of understanding their own needs. We have the experience and skill to handle these large and complicated cases, and find out what deliverables are expected and what the deliverables are supposed to do.

Custom Software Maintenance Disputes

If your software licensing agreement does not adequately address maintenance issues such as updates, end-user support, or maintenance fees, our attorneys can help. While these issues are often not as central as licensing disputes, they can cost you money. An experienced software maintenance dispute lawyer can help protect your bottom line.

Contact a software licensing attorney at GREENFIELD STEIN & SENIOR, LLP, for information about how our firm can help protect and grow your business through effective contract dispute resolution.

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