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New York City Non-Competition Agreement Lawyers

While a restrictive covenant or non-competition clause in an employment contract protects an employer's business interests, the restriction must not be overly broad in scope to fatally limit an employee's right to work in his or her chosen trade. At GREENFIELD STEIN & SENIOR, LLP, we help employers draft enforceable covenants and assist employees in protecting their rights.

Our employment law attorneys represent highly compensated employees, who may or may not have specialized degrees, such as business executives, sales professionals, stockbrokers, and medical specialists. Our clients include these professionals, as well as Wall Street financial institutions, banks, and investment houses.

For assistance with employment contracts and drafting clear and effective restrictive covenants, contact an employment law attorney at GREENFIELD STEIN & SENIOR, LLP.

Non-competition Agreements Restrictive Covenants

Many skilled employees, salespeople, executives, and other professionals are privy to trade secrets, customer lists, and other valuable confidential information. In order to protect an employer's interests, the employer can require the signing of a restrictive covenant — including nondisclosure and non-compete agreements. The courts have been very clear on what types of covenants are enforceable and which are not.

At GREENFIELD STEIN & SENIOR, LLP, our employment lawyers assist employers with drafting restrictive covenants that are enforceable under the law:

  • Not too broad in place or geography
  • Reasonable in time limit and duration
  • Clearly defines the trade secrets or confidential customer information to be protected
  • Terms do not unreasonably restrict or burden the employee
  • Does not harm the general public or fair competition

Our firm can ensure that your company's confidential information is not used against you when an employee is terminated or leaves the business. Our employment law experience will be a valuable asset to employees when assisting them in evaluating the terms of an employment contract and restrictive covenant.

We strive to create an enforceable covenant that both protects employers and gives reasonable freedom to employees. If your business needs counsel during the drafting stage, or if you are an employee needing advice when signing a contract with a restrictive covenant, contact GREENFIELD STEIN & SENIOR, LLP.

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