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Manhattan Fiduciary Removal Proceedings Lawyers

When a person is given responsibility to manage trust or estate assets, that person has been given a sacred trust and is expected to operate with honesty, integrity, and for the benefit of the beneficiaries.

When a trustee or executor has proven him or herself to be unqualified, incompetent, or possibly corrupt, that person should be removed from his or her position of authority. The New York Surrogates' Courts can do this with a "fiduciary removal proceeding."

If you are a beneficiary or a co-fiduciary of a trust or estate, and you believe that a person with fiduciary authority has mismanaged the estate, contact the Manhattan law office of GREENFIELD STEIN & SENIOR, LLP. Our trust and estate litigation attorneys handle a wide variety of complex estate litigation cases, including fiduciary and fiduciary removal litigation.

Why Might You Seek to Remove a Fiduciary?

  • Actions that lacked court approval or violated court orders
  • Financial mismanagement, including accounting errors or significantly problematic investment decisions
  • Mismanagement of a family owned business
  • Using the fiduciary position for personal profit
  • Hostile or uncooperative in working with others in a way that obstructs the administration of the trust or estate

A fiduciary removal proceeding is a serious action and the Surrogates' Courts will not grant it unless it can be proven that the fiduciary acted improperly under specified circumstances. Few New York law firms have the understanding of the complexities of estate administration which are essential to build a strong case for removal of an executor or trustee.

Decades of experience in handling complex estate litigation, and a track record of successfully handling many high profile cases makes GREENFIELD STEIN & SENIOR, LLP, the law firm other lawyers choose when referring their clients for assistance in fiduciary removal proceedings. Contact our office to assist you in this matter.

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